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  • From: Braga, Portugal
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I love the small pleasures of life: being with my family, laughing with my friends, and been welcome home by my dogs! I'm a simple person, and love what I do!

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19 May. 2016

The Trip was awesome!!! We liked it very much! Luckily we had the motorhome, otherwise we would not have Kited that much as the weather was not really promising… :-) Plus we saw a lot of Portugal, which we wouldn’t without the Motorhome. So all together it was just an amazing Trip!!!! We slept always on the most amazing spots and when you get up, it was only 2-5m to the sea. Also our Guide did an awesome job! We had a lot of fun with him and he knew always the best places to go, not just for kiting, also for eating good food or having a fun night out. 

20 May. 2016

I might seem over enthusiastic with my ratings, but they are well deserved. The motor home changes everything. If we would have stayed in Esposende during that week, we would have had rain, little wind and not much to do and see (we were very unlucky with the weather). Thanks to the motor home we saw a large part of Portugal, met plenty of great people on the way, and could kite on beautiful flat water lagoons in the sun. The guide was very professional and helpful. He always had a good plan in case there was no wind. I can absolutely recommend this trip to anyone that wants to get to know Portugal and improve his/her kiting skills by kiting in some of the best spots in the country.

17 Sep. 2017

This was a fun camping/kiting holiday. It was great having a driver/guide who knew which spots were open or closed, and where the best chance of wind was. Miguel, our diver/guide was a entertaining host, an excellent cook, & solved any problems that arose with humour & cheerfulness.

28 Apr. 2018

We had a really nice stay in Abel's guesthouse. He is super nice, easygoing, and gave us all the info we needed for the kite spots in the area. Thanks Abel for this great experience!

03 Aug. 2018

I had an amazing time with GKS! Abel, Miguel and Shanna were terrific hosts. The house had a great vibe, with fun people. The very flexible breakfast setup - with a ticket for the cafe across the street - was perfect. Dinners out at different spots around town, with all you can eat and drink local food and wine, was awesome and the bill was always reasonable at 10-15E. The social aspects of the meals with the other guests - and of course we cannot forget Miguel and his stories :) - was awesome. The house is a comfortable hostel-like setup with good gathering places, warm showers, a place to keep cold beer and cook a meal if you like. I really liked the low key vibe of Esposende too - not busy/touristy. Based on how we were treated at the bars and restaurants, GKS is clearly a valued member of the community too. As far as reliability, logistics and handling the transactions - all was reliable, easy and straight forward. The owners are warm and friendly and really made the experience feel very personal. Thank again, Justin