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Join a group of like-minded kitesurfers and local islander crew to set off on an adventure of a lifetime hunting the wind and kiting remote islands, deserted beaches, lagoons and sandbars in an idyllic tropical setting.
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The main kitesurfing season in this region runs from November to April, during which time the wind blows 18-24 knots on average (with plenty of days seeing wind speeds in excess of 25 knots). This particular area enjoys slightly stronger winds than Boracay, its famous neighbor, just 50 kilometers away. In fact, Mindoro is actually one of the windiest spots in the Philippines. Bislig Beach is the 'base camp' for kitesurfing here; its big, open beach area and flat water conditions are something most kiters could only dream of- and the best part is that it's still virtually 'undiscovered' by the bulk of the kite tourists. On any given day, it's not hard to find yourself completely alone out on the water. Thanks to the tropical weather in this part of the world, both air and water temperatures stay pleasantly warm all year round- so no need for wetsuits, even during the "winter" months (which are not very wintery at all). During the high season, the most common kite sizes flown are 7, 9, and 12 meters (for average weight/height riders).

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Balatasan, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Private
Food: Full board
Available Options: Vegetarian

The Destination

Mindoro is a typical Pacific paradise; crystal clear water and white sand beaches. On the southeast coast, Bulalacao is a gorgeous coastal region known for its reliable, powerful wind, powdery white sand beaches and bays. Dotted across the jewel-colored waters off the coast, there are over a dozen islands that you can choose to explore by boat or by kite. Tucked away from the masses, these hard-to-reach gems are worth the journey- many of the islands boast their own collection of hidden white sandy beaches and picture-perfect palm-fringed shores. By joining the kite tour, you'll have the chance to visit the best of the best 'secret' spots that are only reachable by boat- so you're guaranteed that the only kites flying in these 'virgin' kite spots will be yours.

The Experience

Imagine having the freedom and flexibility to spend every day following the wind from island to beautiful island; that's exactly what you'll be doing by joining this tropical kite tour experience in Mindoro. Though each day's itinerary will vary (depending on the wind and the desires of the group), there's one thing for sure: each new day will bring another discovery of a gorgeous kite spot- one that's only accessible by boat, and is hidden away from all other kiters.

The tour will leave after breakfast on the first day and arrive before nightfall at the destination port on the last day. During the days, you'll get lost in a paradise playground. With guaranteed wind, you'll be able to kite from island to island all day, accompanied by boat. Choose to take breaks to swim at the beach and scavenge some fresh coconuts to drink, go snorkeling to explore the underwater world, stay on-board and fish off the back of the boat, or just read your book and relax on the top deck.

After a long day, you'll set up for the night in one of the designated camps scattered throughout the various kite spots- each one is different from the next, so you'll always have a new surprise. Maybe you'll stay in a traditional fishing village, or go full-on Robinson Crusoe- sleeping to the sound of waves on an isolated island; or maybe you'll fall asleep in the hidden jungle and wake up next morning ready for another day of adventure.


Your tour group will crash out for the night in one of the designated kite camps, which are scattered around the various kite spots. Camp locations range from traditional fishing villages, isolated islands, deep in the jungle, and pristine beaches with nothing around for miles except for a scattering of bamboo huts. During your stay in the camp, your crew will cook up the freshest, locally caught seafood and pair it with hand-picked veggies and a steaming bowl of rice.
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