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Infinite Lines presents a series of hydrofoil courses. Under the guidance of industry pioneers - Hugo Badaroux (Kitesurf Magazine), Seb Cattelan (World Speed Record) and Jerome Bonieux (Inventor North Click Bar) - you will learn to master this advanced technique in Langebaan (1 hour from Cape Town).
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Situated 120 km north of Cape Town, Langebaan boasts an endless, unspoilt lagoon beach, shallow turquoise waters and optimal wind conditions, making it South Africa’s premium kitesurfing destination for teaching and learning. At a length of 17 kilometres and up to 4 kilometres in width, the lagoon’s flat stretches of water, mild mediterranean climate and strong wind speeds have made it one of the world’s most sought-after training grounds for watersports of all kinds. Langebaan offers some of the best wind conditions in the world, with an 80 - 90% probability of wind days during the summer period (December to March), predominately S-SE in direction. While the water temperature can fluctuate depending on the tide and your specific position within the lagoon, it generally maintains a range of between 15 and 20° Celcius. Our packages include the use of a hydrofoil board and suitable kite for the duration of each lesson. Riders will be required to bring their own kite/s for practicing on their own, as well as wetsuits and harness. We do offer rental, for those that prefer to rent. For men, kite sizes of 7m and 9m are recommended although a 12m may be preferable for early morning conditions. For female riders, a similar combination is suggested, although a 6m may be preferable over a 7m, when stronger winds are prevalent. You will also require a 4.3 full wetsuit. Rash vests are supplied, but you are welcome to supply your own if desired.

Trip characteristics
Typical Pickup: Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, South Africa
Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Non-rider
Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective
Food: Breakfast
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

A watersports hotspot, Cape Town is internationally renowned for its optimal kitesurfing conditions. Of the countless spots on offer along its coastline, Langebaan is by far the most sought-after flat-water (lagoon) riding destination. Here, the flat, turquoise lagoon waters are not only popular with the area’s closely-knit kiting community, but also kayaking, windsurfing, SUP, sailing and fishing enthusiasts, making it a great spot to meet others who also love the outdoors. A mere hour from Cape Town, Langebaan offers travellers a moderate proximity to the city's bustling eateries, cultural and historical attractions and cosmopolitan nightlife, while offering the best of its unspoilt natural scenic beauty and laid-back lifestyle.

The Experience

Hydrofoiling is the latest innovation to revolutionise not only kitesurfing, but a host of other watersports such as windsurfing, sailing, surfing and stand up paddle surfing. With its lightweight, hydrodynamic design, hydrofoiling gives kiteboarders a weightless, faster and more flexible ride – a sensation that is both truly unique and extremely addictive.

Hydrofoiling allows us to take advantage of very light wind conditions between 7 and 17 knots, at a time when there is minimal traffic on the water and little to no chop. We generally avoid teaching in winds stronger than 20 knots, unless you are at an advanced level of riding.

Your initial training will involve the use of a shorter 55 cm length mast, making for a safer and more manageable learning experience. As you progress through the course, you will be introduced to a medium 70 cm length mast, and eventually the longest at 90cm, providing you with different degrees of maneuverability and pitch control while you perfect your technique.

We also offer advanced training for riders who are confident in the basics of hydrofoiling, but who are looking to make stylistic improvements or to address specific problems with technique, such as gybes and tacks. We are also able to assist you in mastering even more complex manoeuvres, such as board-offs.

What is hydrofoiling?

Using hydrofoil technology and principles of hydrodynamics, a hydrofoil board is designed to elevate the rider above the surface of the water, by means of a mast or strut connected to a set of hydrofoil wings that extends below the water level. This unique board profile reduces drag and increases lift, allowing the rider to glide over the water at far higher speeds and with a greater degree of control.

Why hydrofoiling?

Hydrofoiling makes it possible to take advantage of very light wind conditions, not only giving you countless new opportunities to ride, but the chance to avoid the crowds and choppy conditions typically associated with kitesurfing. The hydrofoil performs at mind-blowing upwind and downwind angles, making upwind tacking a thing of the past. Because of this unique upwind capability, hydrofoiling lets you explore vast terrain with a degree of flexibility that is simply not possible with more restrictive twin-tip kitesurfing. Lastly, the hydrofoil’s ability to cut through chop virtually eliminates the strain and joint impact of traditional kiteboarding, creating the unforgettable sensation of riding a “magic carpet”.

Who should hydrofoil?

If you are an experienced kitesurfer looking to take your ride to new heights, then hydrofoiling is for you. Due to the skill required in mastering this technique, our hydrofoil package is unfortunately unable to accommodate beginner kitesurfers.

Why learn to hydrofoil with Infinite Lines?

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the most advanced level of specialised tuition available in Cape Town, paired with a range of support services that make your learning experience more efficient, productive and therefore more valuable.

Brand new equipment: We not only invest in the highest quality of kitesurfing equipment, but also ensure that our kites and boards are replaced as often as possible. By maintaining these standards, we are able to provide a superior service with state-of-the-art gear.

Boat-based lessons: Due to Langebaan’s popularity with beginner and intermediate kitesurfers, space is often at a premium. To afford our students the room and privacy that is most conducive to learning, we offer boat-based lessons that allows us to escape the crowds and take advantage of the further outlying parts of the lagoon. By avoiding the water’s edge, you save countless hours that would otherwise have been spent walking back up the beach to re-join the queue.

Dedicated beach assistance: Traditional tuition relies on students spending an unnecessary amount of time unpacking, inflating and switching kites – time that is better spent on the water. Our service includes a beach assistant, dedicated to taking care of any setup that may be necessary during your lesson.

Two-way radio communication: We provide premium, two-way radio systems that will keep you in constant remote contact with your instructor, giving you the support and reassurance necessary at all times.

Our instructors

Our team of instructors are highly experienced kitesurfers who are passionate about working with people. All of our hydrofoil instructors are fluent in French and English, making your travel arrangements less of an effort, and your training experience that much more enjoyable.

Seb Cattelan (French / English):

With 26 years of experience, Seb Cattelan is recognised as one of the sport’s foremost pioneers and innovators. His performance in Big Air, Speed, Race, Wave, Freestyle and Border Cross has earned international media attention, as has his organisation of and participation in The Lüderitz Speed Challenge. He is the current GPS kitesurfing speed world record holder (62 knots), Hang Time (Big Air) world record holder, Red Bull King of the Air winner (Brazil and Spain), a top rider in the Freestyle PKRA World Tour and a European champion in Border Cross.

Jerome Bonieux (French / English):

One of the most respected names in the sport, French-Mauritian Jerome Bonieux has 15+ years of kitesurfing experience, the last 4 of which have primarily been spent hydrofoiling. Inventor of the North Click Bar, Jerome is also the designer of his own hydrofoils and foil boards under the Zulu Foils brand, owner of the Specialised Kiteboarding school in Mauritius, as well as organiser of the Mauritius stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour world championships. He was the overall winner of the 2016 Downwind Dash and finished second in both the 2015 and 2017 races, competing with a hydrofoil all three times.

Hugo Badaroux (French / English):

One of the sport’s great pioneers and instructors, Hugo Badaroux has served as Editor-in-Chief for Kitesurf Magazine, the foremost kitesurfing publication in France, for the past 17 years – traveling the world shooting both professional and amateur riders. A lover of new technology, Hugo also hosts Kitetest, the definitive annual review of the latest equipment from the top names in kitesurfing, usually taking place in Cape Town. He has resumed coaching for the next few years, to pass on his passion for hydrofoiling and the range of possibilities it opens up for riders.

Course dates

We will be offering a limited number of courses, each of one week duration, on the following dates:

  • January 15 – January 21 : presented by Jerome Bonieux
  • January 22 – January 28 : presented by Jerome Bonieux
  • January 29 – February 4 : presented by Hugo Badaroux
  • February 5 – February 11 : presented by Jerome Bonieux
  • February 12 – February 18 : presented by Seb Cattelan
  • February 19 – February 25 : presented by Seb Cattelan
  • February 26 – March 4 : presented by Seb Cattelan
  • March 5 – March 11 : presented by Seb Cattelan
  • March 12 – March 18 : presented by Seb Cattelan
  • March 19 – March 25 : presented by Seb Cattelan
  • March 26 – April 1 : presented by Seb Cattelan

Note that all our instructors are able to teach both beginner as well as advanced levels (board-offs, tacks, gybes)

Admission criteria

The course is only offered to advanced kitesurfers with 1+ years of experience and who meet the following criteria:

  • Have good kite control
  • Able to self-launch and land
  • Able to self-rescue
  • Able to stay upwind
  • Able to change direction
Reserve days

We have added two reserve days to the course itinerary, to take into account the possibility of windstill conditions or days where wind speeds are too strong for optimal hydrofoiling. A wide range of activities are available to you on such days, depending on the prevailing weather conditions, and your specific interests.

Reserve day activity options:

  • Rest and relax
  • Solo practice with rented gear (only in Langebaan)*
  • Additional lessons*
  • Guided kitesurf tour of Cape Town / Hermanus / Southern Cape*
  • Self-drive Cape Town daytrip (normal solo kiteboarding or waveriding, should conditions be windy; or sightseeing, should conditions not be windy)
  • Alternative activities*, such as SUP around Langebaan lagoon, boat trips around Langebaan lagoon, wakeboarding, surfing, tandem paragliding, shark cage diving, guided or self-guided hiking tour (Table Mountain, Lion’s Head etc), wine tours (Stellenbosch, Franschhoek), safari (please enquire about the various options available)

Note* Please enquire about separate pricing for these activities

Other packages

We also offer a Kiter’s package for partners or friends who want to share in your experience, but do not want to participate in any course; a Beginner package for those wanting to learn to kitesurf; an Intermediate package for those wanting to progress; and Rental packages for those independent riders simply wanting to rent equipment.

Please enquire about pricing and itineraries for these packages.


Luxury, serviced 4 star accommodation is included in all our packages. Our Kite Guesthouse is conveniently situated on Langebaan’s Atlantic Seaboard, only minutes away from countless prime kitesurfing spots. Book your package without the hassle of struggling to find facilities that will match the standard that you are used to. The guesthouse is serviced daily, and includes free Wi-Fi, towels and linen, shampoo and conditioner, hair dryers and television.
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