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Sailing along the amazing Cycladic islands with a luxurious catamaran is the ultimate cruise experience. Now, imagine combining it with kiteboarding. Can it get any better?
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Greek summers bring strong and consistent winds with an average of 18-25 knots. We will visit a variety of locations including flat shallow water perfect for freestyle and beginners, others with deep water and small chop. Most locations are best suited with a twin tip board. The water is warm through July and August, though a short wetsuit can be used outside of these months.

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Typical Pickup: Mykonos, Greece
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Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Couple, Non-rider
Ambience: Relaxed
Experience Type: Collective, Private
Food: Full board
Available Options: Vegetarian, Vegan, Special diets

The Destination

Greece is all about its islands and sandy beaches stretching over many kilometers. Without a doubt Greece has a lot to offer including sheltered bays and coves, beaches, sand dunes, coastal caves and steeps rocks as well as dark coloured sand typical of volcanic soil and coastal wetlands and wind! Exploring by boat is without a question the best way to experience the islands. On kite cruise Cyclades we will visit some of the best kite spots in the Cyclades island group including Paros Island, Antiparos, Naxos as well as Rinia Island, Syros- the capital of Cyclades and more.

The Experience

“Catching the wind determined our route and every single place we visited on this route was just magical.”

As the specialist in kiteboarding and sailing we make the most out of your vacation. The concept is simple - as all great things in life are. Kite and sail, stand up paddle, perhaps wakeboard and snorkel. Dance and chill in the evenings, sunbathe and relax in the mornings, enjoy local cuisine. All this and more while living on-board a catamaran for one week. The kite cruise Cyclades is available for individuals, couples or small groups, where you share a boat - or you can cruise with your own group or family. We offer all inclusive packages to provide you with relaxed and hassle free kite trip. This will be a vacation of a lifetime!

"Fusion of kitesurfing & sailing with life on-board a catamaran is the best option of spending your holiday, by far!".

With our Kite Cruise, we invite you to explore the Cyclades Islands. Secluded beaches, Mediterranean cuisine and amazing kite locations. Cyclades Islands provide constant and predictable winds with high probability during summer. Moreover, the Islands lie in some kind of a circular formation (“kiklos” means circle) and are close together – which makes the sailing experience even more fun. An archipelago of 220 Islands out of which 40 are inhabited, is located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, which makes them easily accessible from Athens. The famous scenery of cube shaped, white-washed houses with blue windows can be found mainly at the Greek islands of this complex.

Every route is different and adjustable until the last second. You can see a lot of Greece in a week if you are up for it or we can take it easy try to enjoy more with smaller distances – the trip is yours!


Untouched, uncrowded kite spots are waiting for you to discover them. During your kite session you are escorted by catamaran and safety boat, which gives you complete freedom while maximising your safety. You can get crazy during strong afternoon winds then relax till dinner and get crazy again in the evening.

Other Activities

Apart from kiteboarding, the Cyclades have much more to offer. Explore the islands and mingle with the locals in Taverns and Kafeneia, view the ancient stone gate in Naxos, navigate through the labyrinth of streets on Mykonos Island and experience their wild nightlife. We will visit the natural hot springs in Loutra and the temple of Cap Sounion. Snorkel, SUP and wake board throughout the trip.

Why Us, Plain and Simple
  • Location: We can reach the best and otherwise unreachable kite spots where you can enjoy private kite sessions with your friends - without leaving the comfort of the catamaran. Whether you're looking for a quiet evening or anything but quiet - we know exactly where to go.
  • Know-How: We know how to launch and land safely from a yacht while anchored or while moving. Additional staff members are present on every step of the way - from kite launch until you are back on-board and equipment is secured.
  • Weather: We understand the weather in relation to terrain diversity which is fundamental to provide good kite conditions and safety.
  • Local People: We know the people which means you will have the best experience possible. Most importantly, no matter what happens, from kite repairs to health issues, we will fix it.
  • Service: We offer you full service throughout kite cruise Cyclades. Once you reach the marina you can enjoy the ride and we'll take care of a stress free kite and sail holiday!


Our preferred brand is Lagoon, with large cabins and the most spacious and comfortable living areas on the catamaran market, all this coupled with excellent sailing performance. For our cruises, the space is of key importance for guests to be able to mingle and at the same time have some privacy. We’re able to store kite equipment we rent and the equipment guests bring. Large saloon between the two hulls offers panoramic views features fully equipped kitchen, comfy sofa seating/dining area, and navigation corner. The stern “open” area has second seating/dining area, fully cushioned for your comfort. Additionally, helm station, fly bridge, upper deck and the net area in the front provide spaciousness that makes trips more enjoyable. These five star catamarans have 4 spacious and luminous double en suite guest cabins with bathrooms and 2 single crew cabins.
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